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  Measuring the success of the march needs the cooperation of march participants. This can be quite easy using social media that they use  anyway. This will be proof that organisers can use in the future when fundraising.  Organising these events can cost money and should not be left to be paid by the organisers. […]


We’re Not Gonna Sit In Silence | March in March

                          On the 15th, 16th and 17th of March, Australian citizens nationwide will congregate in major cities and regional centres, to show solidarity in their discontent with the Abbott Government. The intention is to let Australia’s so-called ‘leaders’ know that Marchers are not happy […]

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Surplus Slip Sliding Away

                          The Abbott Government was voted in on the PREMISE of saving Australia from further debt, yet today the Liberal Government announced they have borrowed $7 Billion. Further, they are also legislating to increase the Commonwealth Government debt limit to $500 billion. That is […]

Jason & David Ball

AFL tackled over Gay Pride round

Acceptance of “DIFFERENCE” is important for any culture to function fairly in a socially inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory manner. Accepting homosexuality as an integral part of our culture supports the values of Australia as a country. These values are taught daily in our schools – accepting people regardless of colour, race, religion and sexual orientation, […]

Vietnam Veteran

Veterans and Retirement Village Residents Rip-off

I am annoyed, really annoyed. Actually, as I get older I find I am getting PO’d at a lot of things. Especially issues that affect the elderly or retirees – I am on the way there, being on the better side of 50, so I guess I get a might sensitive to pensioners and retirees […]

Free Offer or CONcept of Free?

When King Gillette first started flogging disposable razor blades in the early 20th Century, giving away razors as freebies to generate blade sales, I bet he didn’t realise the marketing phenomenon that still exists over 100 years later. The concept of FREE … The Eternal Freebie. I have to admit, I have a saying “Never knock back […]

Sustainability Street

Fence-lines Eco-Kids and Carbon Footprints

  There are so many ‘green’ initiatives that go unheralded but deserve a mention. One of these is Sustainability Street based in Melbourne. There is an old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. The Sustainability Street Approach (SSA) is about connecting communities and learning from one another. They have manuals and a […]


Oh My Word! Media Dreams in Korea.

Every so often a dreamer is born. They don’t listen to their critics. Single-minded, they will just go out there and follow their dream. After all, aren’t dreams just goals with a face? In this case, the visionary is Oh Yeon-Ho, CEO of Oh My News, the first Citizen Journalism website. Armed with an ambitious set of […]

©Judie Gade

Wild Australian Seals Are Not Playthings

Two yearling Australian Fur Seals have made homes at Rye and Sorrento beaches in Victoria. Australian Fur Seals  live on local Mornington Peninsula beaches all year. In warmer months some yearling seals may turn up for a couple of days, while others may stay for months. You could  call the Mornington Peninsula a training ground for […]

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